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The darts community in Western Australia were treated with a bit of normality and excitement as the West Coast Classic Dart Competition came to town. It was hosted by the Vasto Club in Balcatta with Darts Australia and Darts WA putting on a first-rate dart competition and having a good turnout with 58 pairs competing.

It was great to have the event running this year and bringing together the darts community. Formula Sports were proud to provide the dartboards for the dart competition with Dyenamic Sublimation being the main sponsor.

Congratulations to all the players that competed and a big WELL DONE to the winners!

The Results:

West Coast Classic Youth Event

  • Winners: Lilly Zdun and Bill Gilla
  • Runners Up: Rebecca Gleeson and Ricky Pickett jnr

West Coast Classic Men’s Open Runners Up

  • Winners: Peter Sutton and Clifton Beauchamp
  • Runners Up: Ronald Nakata and Chris Turland

West Coast Classic Men’s B

  • Winners: Carl Caton and Alan Watmough
  • Runners Up: Roger Clinch and Richie Talbot

West’s Coast Classic Ladies B

  • Winners: Natasha Little and Sam Jones
  • Runners Up: Brinley Tregoning and Jordan Marsh

West Coast Classic Ladies Open Doubles Winners

  • Winners: Natalie Carter and Ursula Bennell
  • Runners Up: Angela Clarke and Jucinta Dann

Dyenamics West Coast Classic Ladies B result

  • Kristina Gallacher 15.98 def Roz Reimers 13.79 3-0

Dyenamics West Coast Classic Ladies Open Result

  • Natalie Carter 21.78 def Dot McLeod 18.41 5-0

Dyenamics West Coast Classic Men’s Open Result

  • Tim Pusey 28.34 def Dave Burke 24.31 6-2

Dyenamics West Coast Classic Men’s B Final

  • Daryl Mitchell 19.06 def Carl Caton 22.28 5-3

For all the results and scores, head to:

Make sure you follow Darts Australia to be kept up to date with all the upcoming dart competitions and events.

Photos from the Event!

Product Used at the West Coast Classic Dart Competition:

Formula Sports supplied the Micro-Band III Dartboard for the West Coast Classic. Want more information? Click here.

Micro-Band III is available at your local darts retailer.

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